Oferent:  Wehmeyer Yacht Brokers
 Onderwal 14
 NL-1411 LV Naarden
Ostatnia zmiana:  15.11.2019
Cena (EUR):  39.500,00 z VATem
Rok budowy:  1993
Długość:  9,14 m / 29,98 fuss
Szerokosc:  2,89 m
max. zanurzenie:  1,07 m
Stanowisko w porcie:  Holandia, NAARDEN, NAARDEN
Stan:  dobra
Materiał kadłuba:  TWS
Roboczogodziny pracy silnika:  1.842,00
Koje:  2
Wózek podłodziowy:  bez przyczepy
Numer wewnętrzny:  1389473
Wyposażenie: Pilot Cutter 30<br><br><p>The current owner is the 2nd owner and bought this beautiful Pilot Cutter 30 in 2000. She has sailed in Zeeland with occasional trips / holidays to IJsselmeer and the mudflats. The Pilot Cutter is every year out of the water in the winter storage and the engine is annually maintained by a Yanmar dealer. She is equipped with a.o. toilet with fountain in the bow, waste water tank, kitchen with (cardanic) stove / oven / grill and refrigerator, two sitting/sleeping benches with folding table, card table, two spacious cages of approx. 2 meters, hot air heating, 2x fresh water tank, etc. The round-wood is well maintained, annually maintained in the paint (boom, gaff, mast and bowsprit). Wind gauge has recently been replaced by a wireless version. Log, depth gauge, wind gauge and navtex function well. GPS and autopilot are defective. Four batteries (1x motor, 3x service) with battery charger, earth leakage and shore power. Sails still original, but in good condition, including half wind and topsail. Tarpaulin available for winter storage. Replaced a few years ago, stagen in good condition. Jib and jib operated from cockpit with roller system. Ploughshare anchor with 40 meter chain in front and extra anchor with line and anchor winch. Neat sprayhood, sailcloth and spray sails. Variable draught 1.07 / 1.60 meters. www.wehmeyer.nl</p><br><br><strong>Accomm odation</strong><br>Cooker & fuel: gimballed<br><strong>Engine, electrics, water</strong><br>Propulsion : 3-leaf<br>Water tank & material: (two pieces)<br>Waste water tank: (barely used)<br><strong>Rig and sails</strong><br>Sails material: (original)<br>Jib: (on roll system)<br>Flying jib: (on roll system)<br>Other: <p>There is also a topsail available. All sails are original but in reasonable to good condition. In the coming years you can still sail very well with this gadarobe.</p> <br><strong>Equipment</st rong><br>Boat cover: winter plumage + cockpit tarpaulin over the boom<br>Other: <p>teak decks and teak benches in the cockpit</p> <br>

Rumpfnummer: 41;

KOMBÜSE: Ofen, Kühlschrank, Heizung;

NAVIGATION: Tiefenmesser, Autopilot, GPS, Tacho;



AUSSTATTUNG: Fernseher, CD-Player, DVD-Player;

Category: (1,07 - 1,60 meter)